Wonder and Excitement

Although each of us is human, we are all different in fundamental ways.

For most of us, this is a truism. Our fingerprints, genetic composition, brainwaves, and all sorts of physical data testify to our differences. They are essential differentiators in science and criminology. To me, however, it's more interesting to go beyond the physical and contrast our likes and dislikes. I don't mean our opinions of spinach or bowling, although such opinions certainly differentiate us. I'm thinking of much bigger ideas—music or design or physics, for example—that are sources of wonder and excitement. These ideas are the passions that define us, and this is where diversity really becomes interesting.

My Defining Passions

Of the passions that define me, these rise above all the others:*

But not all science. I almost never give a thought to, say, soil chemistry or insect behavior. The sciences that most interest me are medicine, genetics, cosmology, and technology.

I'm interested in past civilizations, but what fascinates me most are discoveries that cause us to think anew about them.

My focus here is travel that feeds my photography hobby. I find landscapes, seascapes, and nature photography the most satisfying.

Current Events
I'm thinking of political news, shifts in the economy, and cultural trends. The gross of movies at the box office, the Top 40 list, pro sports, and anything “pop” are turn-offs. (This is an interesting instance of being defined by a negative.)

The pages of this site are my thoughts, based on something I've recently read or seen, on my defining passions. The thoughts are from the top of my mind. To see one of these pages, click in the navigation bar or on a subject word above. Besides my thoughts, you'll see links to related web content and a way to share your thoughts.

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